Kit Steinkellner
September 05, 2015 8:21 am

Let’s start our weekend off by watching something breathtaking, inspiring, and seemingly laws-of-physics-defying, shall we?

Shi Liliang, a monk at the Quanzhou Shaolin has dedicated himself to the art of “running on water” since 2005. As SpiritScience reports, for the past 10 years, the Shaolin monk has been practicing running across connected plywood boards in a water reservoir. This is no easy feet, chances are high you and I would bellyflop trying to do this on our first board. Last year, Liliang set a world record, running 118 meters, and this week, he bested this record by running 125 meters.

He didn’t beat his goal right off the bat, though. On his first attempt of the day, he only got fifty meters out before falling over. It was on his 4th attempt that he beat his personal best and set a new world record. A lesson in patience and perseverance if ever we saw one.

“People need to trust themselves,” Lilian explained to reporters. “Last year, I failed 5 times, and managed to run 118 meters successfully.”

If any of us are interested in taking up the whole running on water thing as a hobby, Liliang has some advice for us.”The key is to run quickly, with small steps, focusing the strength in the toes, and using what little buoyancy is provided by the boards.”

Okay, video time, watch in wonder below:


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Image via YouTube