Toria Sheffield
January 05, 2017 6:02 am
TheShando /

Most of have already heard that former 90210 actress and all-around badass Shannon Doherty has been battling breast cancer. She’s been extremely open about her journey, and yesterday Doherty shared a video of dancing after radiation treatment — even when she was clearly extremely tired. And we just can’t get over how freaking strong this woman is.

We were already tremendously inspired when Doherty posted pictures of the day she shaved her head because her hair was falling out, or the many times she has given us very real and honest updates on the fears and anxieties going through her mind as she battles this disease.

And her latest post is nothing short of amazing. Doherty works it out harder than most of do on an average day (you know, when we haven’t just gotten a dose of exhausting radiation treatment), and we are seriously cheering.


Seriously, we cannot believe the unbelievable strength we’re seeing within this simple video and message. It’s inspiring us to tackle any and all challenges in our lives with positivity, determination, and a general kickass attitude.

Thank you so much for sharing this moment with us, Shannen. We are sending you so very many happy and healing vibes today.

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