Gina Florio
July 09, 2016 8:58 am
Karwai Tang/WireImage/Getty Images

It seems that people need a reminder that women have nipples. Serena Williams, worldwide tennis champion and all-around badass, was playing in a Wimbledon match on Thursday in a lovely white dress (the Wimbledon uniform). More important than what she was wearing, though, she was slaying on the court, a fact many people were choosing to ignore while they instead policed her body.

Numerous tweets and comments surfaced about Serena’s nipples, out of all things. Her nipples, guys. Heaven forbid this perfectly natural body part show themselves to the world in a non-sexual way.

Some people came forward to complain about Serena’s nipples being distracting.

Never mind the fact that she was winning — or that she’s won Wimbledon six times because she’s such a legend. Because, you know, her nipples, guys. Gasp.

Things took a turn for the worse, though, when the trolls came out to play, but we do not need to give them publicity. But still, they are all clear examples of how much crude sexism is still out there, especially in the sports world. When was the last time we ever heard this much commentary on Roger Federer’s outfit? We never have to sit through a Twitter rant about a dude’s butt in white shorts when he’s running around the court, because people are too preoccupied with his numbers on the scoreboard.

We’re not the only ones fed up with the whole situation, thankfully.

It’s both amazing and disgusting how our society will jump on every chance it gets to objectify a woman’s body. Serena isn’t phased by it, though. Well, at least she doesn’t show it.

She’s too busy preparing for (update: WINNING) the Wimbledon final this weekend (go girl!) and fighting for female players to get equal pay. Sounds like a true boss to us, nipples and all.