sexist attitudes hurt men
Credit: Pexels

We need to talk about Toxic Masculinity.

Toxic masculinity is the pressure society puts on men to exhibit stereotypically “manly” traits. This includes being physically strong, being sexually aggressive, and not showing emotion. Toxic masculinity asserts that there is only one way to be a man, and punishes men who don’t demonstrate those traits.

And frankly, we’re not cool with it

According to a new study, sexist attitudes linked to toxic masculinity are actually really bad for men and their health. The research, conducted by Indiana University Bloomington, claims that pursuit of “playboy behavior” and “power over women” actually leads to depression and other mental health problems. And this is even more proof for why we so urgently need to increase discussion on toxic masculinity.

This is just another reason why sexism hurts everybody – and why we need feminism to try to fight it.