sex is cool but meme
Credit: AndreyPopov / Getty Images

There’s a new meme on the block, and we honestly can’t stop laughing. The “sex is cool, but…” meme is a wonderfully wholesome addition to the meme-conomy with quality contributions like, “yeah sex is cool but have you ever stepped on a crunchy leaf.”

The premise of the meme is to say something that is better than having sex. Seems simple, right? But people have gotten creative (and even super deep) with timely topics like net neutrality making the rounds. Unsurprisingly, many versions of the meme tap into popular media with references to OutKast, Pocahontas, and Panic! At the Disco.

While some might be unfamiliar with the viral phrase “sex is cool, but…”, it’s actually been around for years. The phrase dates back to early 2015 when a Twitter user named Pakalu Papito tweeted, “sex is cool but have u ever had garlic bread.” Too true.

Check out some of the best examples of this meme below.

Some tweets were super spot-on when it comes to real-life situtations.

Meanwhile, music or movies were the main focus in other tweets.

Some of the best examples of this meme, though, are the totally/seemingly serious ones.

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Others were just plain weird — and we’re totally fine with that.

This year has been a doozy when it comes to memes. First, the “Disloyal Man” meme took the world by storm, then the “Ted Talk” gorilla meme conducted very important lectures, and, of course, “Howdy Sheriff” was welcome in tweets all across the internet. Don’t even get us started on the William Carlos Williams’ plums in the icebox poem meme.

Now, with this new, sexy meme, we can honestly say that 2017 has been a success in terms of the internet.