Sammy Nickalls
February 04, 2016 9:24 am

If you thought that maybe the reopening of Adnan Syed’s case would prompt some brand new content from good-old-fashioned Serial season one, you were right — well, partially.

Yesterday, after over 15 years, Syed returned to court for the first day of the State of Maryland v. Adnan Syed post-conviction hearings. And now, the podcast has released a recap, and will be updating every day; Sarah Koenig has been attending the proceedings, and she will be telling the day’s events to producer Dana Chivvis for a new miniseries on the side. You can check out preview of the first update below:

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And you can access the full 16-minute installment on Serial’s website as well as at PlayerFM.

The miniseries and trial is focusing on the alleged professional incompetence of Syed’s defense attorney back in 2000, including her neglecting of Asia McClain as a possible alibi witness. In her update, Koenig explains that McClain testified at the proceedings yesterday:

“There was just like a lot of drama in the room when she was testifying,” Koenig said during the recap. “There had been so much talk about her and about what she might’ve said, would’ve said, parsing everything she said. . . she was very sure of herself.”

The prosecutor focused on McClain’s testimony not being “precise” — or at least, not as precise as she thinks it is. “He was sort of laying the foundation for her to not remember stuff,” she said.

Meanwhile, Syed was entirely quiet and still the entire time, Koenig continued: “He just became a stone.”

We’ll be on the edge of our seats for the next couple days. (And yes, for those of you addicted to Serial season two, that will still continue as planned.)