Self-Care Sunday

Sundays are for self-care—and we're celebrating by highlighting the women who take it seriously and are part of vast communities. From mental health to physical health and everything in between, we're seeking advice on how these women put themselves first, one Sunday at a time.

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How a Gen Z Activist Is Eliciting Change in Her Youth Community
The former strategist for Kamala Harris' campaign talks about self-care, activism, and community building.
'Body Talk' Author Katie Sturino Wants You to Know Your Body Is Not Your Problem 
"Would you say, 'You look like shit today' to a friend? So don't do it yourself."
Why Corinne Foxx Had to Advocate for Her Own Endometriosis Surgery
"I was told by so many doctors that I was making it up in my head."
How A Professional “Sims” Player Stays Sane While Being “A Woman On The Internet”
The former BuzzFeed producer talks about mental health, her gaming career, and the “100 Baby Challenge."
How a Muslim Woman Wants Allies to Support Her Community During Ramadan
"It's about educating [yourself] and celebrating it with them and letting them feel heard."
Why a Sexual Wellness Expert Believes Masturbation Is a Form of Meditation
"Carving out time for self-pleasure is one of many ways women can hold space to cultivate their life force."

More Self-Care Sunday

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