One thing we know for sure, is that it’s Selena Gomez’s time. Recently, she bravely opened up about her struggles with Lupus, informing the world that her time away from the spotlight was time spent battling an illness no one knew about. And then she played Dubsmash on Jimmy Fallon and crushed it. Not to mention her INCREDIBLE new album Revival (we’ve been listening to it on repeat). And now, she’s dropping some major truth bombs on sexuality –and everyone should listen up.

In a recent interview with PrideSource, the 23-year-old singer addressed the rumors about her sexuality that were circling back in 2014, as well as the concept of sexuality in general.

While Gomez says the rumors weren’t true, she does admit that her sexuality hasn’t always been a straight line. When asked if she ever questioned it, she replied:

When it comes to the specific rumors, the ones that speculated a possible relationship between her and Paper Towns star Cara Delevingne, she just laughs them off:

Her casual attitude towards the whole thing is a sign that, as a society, we are moving forward. It’s no longer shocking that someone could be anything other than straight —in fact, it’s completely normal, even if you’re just curious or 100% certain that that’s who you are. Sexuality is incredibly fluid, and definitely not confined to rigid, traditional definitions or labels. Bottom line? You do you (and Selena will do Selena)!

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