Get ready to fall in love with Selena Gomez even more (yes, it’s possible). The 23-year-old has been getting real lately. She recently spoke out about what kept her out of the spotlight for so long — going through chemotherapy due to her struggle with lupus (a chronic, autoimmune disease that can do major damage to your body).

Last week, she sat down with famous YouTuber, Lilly Singh, to play the ‘Newly Friend Game’. Lilly proves she is all of us by trying to rein in her love for Selena and keep it cool. The two goofed off, shared their favorite Taylor Swift songs, talked about Selena’s new album, Revival, and gave each other tons of sweet compliments along the way. The video already has over 1.8 million views! No surprise there.

Toward the end, Lilly challenges them both to write down their favorite thing about one another. Selena tells Lilly she loves her heart and her humor, to which Lilly replies, “That’s like a real compliment. It’s not about my hair. That’s the first time the compliment was not about my hair.” By the way, Lilly’s hair is not fake, you guys! She even has Selena test it out by tugging on it and checking for a weave.

Selena then casually quips, “Mine, however, is very fake.”

A totally cute admission, but are we surprised? No, not really. Her hair is probably the only fake thing about her, and honestly, between coloring and extensions, whose hair isn’t fake on some level these days?

Check out Selena Gomez being super genuine and getting real with Lilly Singh as they play the ‘Newly Friend Game.’ Fast-forward to 7:20 to hear the exchange about their lovely locks.

(Image via YouTube.)