Eliza Gold
May 28, 2016 12:00 pm
Comedy Central

Selena Gomez guest starred on Inside Amy Schumer for a satirical segment about relatable celebrities. The sketch opens with a shot of a blimp, “40,000 feet above the earth, aboard a luxury airship that never touches the ground for tax reasons.” This “luxury airship” is appropriately inappropriately emblazoned, “Down to Earth.”

Then out comes a dancing Amy Schumer, dressed in a sequined, little black dress and equally glitzy stilettos, as the host of the mock talk show, Down to Earth. But of course, she isn’t. Amy plays an egomaniacal, demanding, and racist host who is a quintessential one-percenter and won’t let her guests get a word in edgewise.

Her first guest is Gomez, who plays the lead singer of the talk show’s house band.

“She’s got a chef for her dog, she bought a convent in Prague” Gomez sings, before ending her song with, “She’s just like you, j-just like you.”

“Look at you, Miss Rosetta Stone. Look how good your English has gotten!” Schumer gushes in character, seemingly oblivious to the fact that the “Hands to Myself” singer is from Texas.

The next segment is called “I’m Just Like Us,” in which Schumer herself waits at a busy cafe to pick up her relatable breakfast order of “coffee and bagel” with her min-din PomPom.  In case you don’t have your own min-din, it’s a miniature dinosaur.

Comedy Central

Then Schumer uses her “relato-cam” to spy on her Maid, who she presumes steals.

She continues to condescend to Selena Gomez throughout the sketch, and Selena nearly steals the show with a variety of insulted sneers and horrified, bewildered response shots.

The sketch is an exaggeration, of course, but it raises an important questions: Can celebrities ever truly be like us? As the Down to Earth character, Amy certainly does nothing relatable — or even likable for that matter — and the sketch is definitely worth a watch. Check it out below!