It happened years ago, but you still can’t escape it. People are still talking about “The Dress,” and why people view it so differently at first glance. But at last, we might have a new explanation as to why this outfit was so puzzling.

First, a little history. “The Dress” was all over our Facebook feeds back in 2015. Buzzfeed writer Cates Holderness wrote a post that helped “The Dress” go viral after spotting it on Tumblr. Including a poll, over 3 million people voted. The majority thought the dress was blue and black, while 33% spotted white and gold.

So, uh — why? Why did people see different things? What caused our perceptions to change?

One thing’s definitely true — light has something to do with it. Some of us saw shadows on the outfit that made us view it one way, while others omitted the light and saw another.

More information came out today, thanks to a report done by neuroscientist Pascal Wallisch. Studying a wide number of people — over 13,000, in fact — they found out that people who wake up early are more likely to see it as white and gold. For the night owls among us, we strongly view the dress at first glance as being blue and black.

We trust Wallisch on this one. He was all about “The Dress” the second it hit the internet.

Cutely enough, Wallisch called the two groups “larks” and “owls” during the study. Even though he found that his data was skewed with what he saw every day — for example, he was an “owl” who thought the dress was gold and white — he’s still holding onto his theory.

(By the way, the dress was proven to be blue and black. But nobody’s technically wrong here.)

It’s strange to think that the way we perceive the dress might be more environmentally-based than anything else. Whether or not you think Wallisch is onto something, you definitely have to note that “The Dress” — a proud creation of the brand Roman Originals — won’t be forgotten anytime soon.