Kathryn Lindsay
Updated Apr 06, 2016 @ 8:05 pm
secret facebook inboxes
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On Tuesday the HelloGiggles staff discovered something game-changing: there’s a whole other inbox hidden in our Facebook messages. Once we found our own secret Facebook inboxes, we couldn’t believe the messages that had been hiding in there. From random, to sweet, to completely indecipherable, we rounded up some of our favorites below.

Kathryn Lindsay, Staff Writer, found this unprecedented but accurate message:

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Sammy Nickalls, Staff Writer, was for some reason approached about street gangs:

Credit: HelloGiggles

“There’s someone who just said ‘You’re a strange kid,'” says HelloGiggles Executive Editor Leonora Epstein. She also found, “Hook is a wonderful movie” and someone who thought they were her doppelgänger. (She didn’t see it.)

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Madison Vanderberg, Senior Editor, might be about to find love:


Rosemary Donahue, Assistant Editor, found, “you dog is so nice really nice.”

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Rachel Paige, Staff Writer, made waves with her piece about looking younger, and might have met her doppelgänger in the process:

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Gina Vaynshteyn, Senior Editor stumbled upon, “just read ur article about anxiety in bed hahaha.”

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Christina Wolfgram, Video Producer, has a new way to break the ice at parties:

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Leonora had two people say that she changed their lives, and another person revealed that an article she wrote was the first thing he and his girlfriend flirted about.

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Sammy got this caring message after writing an article about breakups:

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Gina found this adorable message:

Christina got these messages a few days apart:

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Gina also received, “Hi there Russian girl.”

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Marie Lodi, Staff Writer, received only an unsolicited “thx.”

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And Leonora has an admirer: “U My Africe Queen U My Number One I Love So So Mach.”