Kenya Foy
Updated Feb 28, 2017 @ 5:20 pm
Credit: Stijn Dejonckheere /

While we’re still grappling with a paralyzing fear of a ball being spiked in our faces, these sea lions playing volleyball appear to have the game down to a science. They honestly don’t care about the dangers of getting down and dirty on the court. In fact, we would venture to say the marine mammals execute different types of volleyball hits better than most humans, or maybe that’s a sign that we need more athletic friends.

Anyway, we don’t intend to direct any shade towards athletes who’ve made a name for themselves in volleyball, but if any of you can beat these amazing sea lions in a couple of matches, we’ll gladly return our allegiance to #TeamHumans.

Until then, we’ll stand by what we said: Sea lions are slaying the volleyball scene, and they’re showing absolutely no mercy. Before you professional human athletes count them out, here’s a pretty impressive sneak peek at your animal opponents’ playbook:

If sea lions could talk smack, we’re pretty sure they’d be saying IN. YOUR. FACE. They’re undeniably badass, and we’re totally marveling at this level of talent. However, we have questions.

Did the guys in blue train these sea lions? Or did these marine creatures simply wake up from a nap on the hood of a car one day and decide to live out their longstanding dreams as the world’s most-renowned animal volleyball champs? Maybe they lazily rolled down a hill one sunny afternoon and landed in the middle of a match in progress?

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We’ll work on finding out, but for now, we’re off to brush up on our skills because they certainly don’t measure up to a sea lion’s.