Well, technically most everyone hates change, but I particularly feel Scorpios resent the idea the most, even though in the end the change is a beneficial movement. You see, once we as people mark our territory and find happiness in consistency, then and only then does the universe go, “Wait, hold up! I’m changing things around here.” And you, of course, will let out a very disgruntled moan.

That is how I am. I hate change. I don’t know why, considering I change things up all the time: hair, style, cars, homes. But each time the change occurs, I have this sickening feeling that I can’t quite shake. Maybe it’s a fear that it won’t be as good as the step before. Maybe it’s the fear that it will be better than the step before. Whatever it is, I need to find a way to seek and accept change so I am not some hermit living alone in a shoe because I am afraid of new things.

I guess what Lil’ Momma (I’m Lil’ Momma, you know that by now) will do is embrace any and all changes for the remainder of 2013. That’s right, change it up! Seek the newness of it all! Pump myself up on the possibility that nothing I do will be repeated and whomever I meet will soon pass me by and be okay with that. It’s a little frightening but, pff, so is life – per my experience.

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