Natalia Lusinski
May 28, 2016 12:39 pm

It seems schools are in the news a lot lately — but over dress codes, not education, per se. The latest school to try to impose major regulations on what its students wear is the New Hanover County school system in Wilmington, North Carolina. It’s unclear if the newly-proposed dress code, which would forbid students from wearing skinny jeans, will even go through.

“No leggings, ‘skinny jeans’ or other excessively tight fitting pants unless covered by a top or dress to the appropriate length. (The length of the top or dress shall cover the posterior area in its entirety.),” the proposed policy stated. “Dresses, skirts, skorts and similar garments must meet the same criteria as put forth above.”

But why?

“The intent of it is basically just to make sure the focus in the classroom is on teaching and learning and nothing is being worn that can distract from that,” Valita Quattlebaum, a spokesperson for the school system, told BuzzFeed News. In addition, “bigger girls” being bullied due to their tight jeans was one reason for the proposed policy change, said New Hanover County School Board Vice Chair Jeannette Nichols.

What would happen if a student violates the new policy? He or she would have to change. If it’s continuously violated, an out-of-school suspension would be next, reported WECT.

It’s not official yet, but the no-skinny-jeans idea was proposed at an April 5 meeting. Feedback is still being collected before it’s presented to the school board on June 1 at a public meeting. “This method of collecting feedback may continue for gathering student input on future new/revised policies that directly impact students,” said NHC Schools spokeswoman Heather Miller.

Of course, students were not pleased with the news and expressed their concerns on Twitter, per the school system asking them to. (Interesting!)

Some students didn’t see the point of focusing on clothing versus education.

They think the school has bigger issues to worry about.

Others were quick to point out specific issues they thought needed more attention than the dress code.

Plus, as some students pointed out, skinny jeans and leggings make up most of their wardrobe because that’s what they’re comfortable in.

Many students think they should have freedom to wear skinny jeans if they want to.

Some pointed out the problematic logic behind the policy.

Some parents aren’t fans of the proposed new policy either.

Still others are embarrassed by the whole situation.

Some students pointed out that they will be left without anything to wear if the new policy goes through.

All in all, it looked like a unanimous “no” from the students.

These two tweets sum it up perfectly.