Elizabeth Entenman
March 27, 2016 9:55 am

When a bride says yes to the dress, it’s also common for her to say “no” to her groom seeing it before the big day. Is it really bad luck if he does? Who really knows, but it’s a wedding tradition that some brides take very seriously. One that Ali Godino had to watch play out on national TV.

In September, the bride visited Kleinfeld in New York and purchased a $40,000 wedding dress. Producers approached her and asked if she would appear on the show, as their scheduled bride canceled on them. Ali agreed, with one condition: Her episode would air only after her wedding.

Fast forward to last week when Ali’s episode aired on TLC on Friday, March 25. The only problem? Her wedding to professional hockey player Jeff May isn’t until May.

“It really has kind of whirlwinded into this nightmare,” Ali said on Good Morning America. “I’m pretty sure every woman who’s ever been married or dreamt about getting married can understand.”

Ali sued the show for damages, saying the dress was one of the most important parts of the wedding and stressing that she doesn’t want Jeff to see it. But a judge denied her request, and the episode aired as planned.

“Many of them have had their episodes air before their wedding, and an air date is not promised or solidified at filming,” said TLC of the brides who appear on the show. “Given the court ruling, we will be moving forward with the originally slated airing of our episode.”

Hopefully, Jeff (and all of their wedding guests) ignored the episode and won’t have the dress’s big reveal spoiled for them. But even if they do see it, hopefully Ali won’t mind too much by then. She’ll still look stunning, and their wedding will celebrate what’s important: their love.

“Everyone’s kind of already seen me as a bride before I was actually a bride,” Ali continued, frustrated.