Trilby Beresford
March 27, 2016 11:37 am

We all remember what happened last week, when college student Kelsey Harmon tweeted this photo of her grandpa, known as “Sad Pawpaw,” eating a cheeseburger with an achingly sad expression on his face. The poor guy just wanted to have a nice, normal dinner with his grandkids. But only one showed.

So naturally the Internet blew up, and “Sad Pawpaw” became a Twitter sensation in less than 24-hours. But guess what, Sad Pawpaw is no longer America’s saddest grandfather — in fact, he has reason to feel loved and appreciated on a massive scale.

One of Pawpaw’s grandkids decided to rectify the depressing situation, and show Pawpaw just how much he means to the family. He organized a burger cookout in Oklahoma, and you know, invited some people. He figured a few people would probably show up… but hundreds of people (we’re talking random kind strangers) drove incredibly long distances to show their support! Some even wore t-shirts with the words, “I ate a burger with” — and then there was a drawing of Sad Pawpaw. Baseball caps featured the same words. All day long, families shared food and chatted and took pictures with the Twitter-famous Pawpaw, truly making his day special.

The Harmon family were overwhelmed with the positive response of the community, and Pawpaw himself claims, “it’s more like a movie than real life.” Sounds about right!

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