Anna Sheffer
April 24, 2019 10:37 am

“Having it all” is a phrase thrown around a lot in our culture—especially when it comes to women balancing family, career, and “me time.” This mentality leads to a lot of moms feeling majorly overstretched and inadequate (especially since, on average, women do the majority of domestic labor even when they have full-time jobs outside the home). Now, in an epic Facebook post, one mom is getting incredibly real about the idealistic expectations of modern motherhood.

On April 18th, Sarah Buckley Friedberg listed all of the impossible standards that she—and many other modern moms—feel pressured to meet. Her hilarious yet pointed post touched on everything from the lack of paid maternity leave in the U.S., to feeling stretched thin at work, to the expectation that women who have just given birth should be back to their pre-baby strength and energy levels ASAP. She also discussed how contradictory a lot of these societal demands can feel.

Friedberg’s words clearly resonated with other women, and as of April 24th, her post has more than 28,000 reactions and 28,000 shares.

We’re hoping that her words help to enlighten anyone out there who might not fully appreciate these truly unrealistic demands. It’s clear that societal expectations need to change in a big way (and, in the meantime, be sure to thank all the moms in your life today).