Kit Steinkellner
June 28, 2015 8:40 am

Who hates trying to pass trucks on the highway? Everyone who drives should be raising their hands right now. Driving an itsy-bitsy car next to a gargantuan truck is one of those things that happens all the time and NEVER ceases to be super-unnerving. So what are we hapless teeny-tiny car drivers to do?

Technology to the rescue! Samsung has invented a vehicle they’ve dubbed “The Safety Truck.” “The Safety Truck” is basically just a regular old truck with a camera mounted to the front of the vehicle that transmits the view ahead to a quadrant of screens mounted on the back wall of the truck, essentially making the truck transparent. So ALL those things you can’t see when you’re behind a truck (a blown-out tire in the middle of the road, a pothole that looks like it was the result of an asteroid smashing into the highway, a family of adorbs animals crossing the road, another car up ahead of you), all those things that could potentially cause accidents because you CAN’T see them, you would be able to see thanks to the Safety Truck of the Future.

“Can we please get that on the highway, like, ten years ago when I was learning to drive?” you ask. I know, me too, don’t we all wish we had always had the best of tech to help us through life. Unfortunately, we can’t get these trucks to DeLorean themselves back to the past. We actually don’t even have these trucks on the road now. According to CNN Money, the project is still “in the early prototype phase,” Samsung has tested one truck out on the road in Argentina, which makes total sense as Argentina has the 5th highest number of car accidents in the world, making it the perfect place to test out road safety tech.

Fingers crossed we get these trucks on the road ASAP, it’s going to make us feel way, way, WAY safer about sharing the road with ginormous trucks.

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