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If you need to read something totally pure and uplifting today, look no further: After a vulture egg was abandoned, two male vultures stepped up to the plate of fatherhood, and are now a beautiful family of three.

According to Artis Amsterdam Royal Zoo, the two male griffon vultures have been mates for many years. Like many same-sex families across all species, it seems like they were just waiting for the right opportunity to build their family and nurture a child.

The zoo says same-sex pairings among birds are actually rather common, but this is the first time any same-sex mates have become adoptive parents at their zoo.

The vulture dads took turns sitting on the egg after it turned up in their nest, keeping it warm until it hatched successfully. They both seem fully committed to parenting, taking turns caring for the chick as it grows.

Is that not the purest, most heartwarming thing you’ve ever read? We told you so.

Yep, love is alive and real!