Anna Buckley
Updated Sep 09, 2016 @ 2:57 pm
Credit: Disney Channel

Back when The Thirteenth Year premiered on Disney Channel, we couldn’t help but want to be just like Sam, the cool girl who Cody falls completely in love with.

Credit: Disney Channel /

Nowadays, the actress who played Sam, Courtnee Draper, is just as cool and still gives us some major #lifegoals. Since The Thirteenth Year, she’s acted in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Veronica Mars, and CSI: Miami, and has been voicing characters on a ton of different video games.

Courtnee’s also super gorgeous and seems to be ~totally~ in love with a special someone! Bummer she and Cody didn’t work out, but he did grow a tail and sprout fins and all that.

Here she is with her super cute hubby:

They got married back in July and are pretty much a Disney, fairy tale couple.

And here she is looking fierce AF as a blonde:

(Now where can we get that nude lip color?)

And here she is soaking in some sun by the sea (and perhaps searching for Cody?):

Maybe he’ll give his voice to an evil sea witch so he can grow legs for her! (Are we getting our Disney movies mixed up?)

Ultimately, our pre-teen, Disney-loving hearts are happy to see you doing you, Sam Courtnee!