Dasha Fayvinova
September 11, 2016 10:41 am
Charles Sykes/Getty Images

If you were born at least 20 years ago you are aware of the brilliance Sam Rockwell has provided audiences through the years. Not only is he a fantastic actor with huge range, he also has some pretty sweet dance moves. Maybe that’s why every director has him moving and grooving for a few minutes in every film.

Regardless — you might be aware of just how funny this guy can be! Lucky for you, him and Ben Schwartz decided to just show you.

That’s right. That’s Sam Rockwell and “Improv King” Ben Schwartz auditioning for the American hit musical Hamilton. Their accents are a little different and they changed up the rhyme scheme — but the essence in still there. If they decided to do this as an off-Broadway play, things might take off for the duo.

Just look at those moves!

Universal Pictures / giphy.com

Even Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda is loving the audition and calls Ben his “dialect coach” for his role in the upcoming Mary Poppins remake.

Hopefully the two are involved on a movie or project together because we cannot wait to throw money at these guys. And if dancing is involved, then get ready Tony Awards. Once Sam Rockwell starts to groove it’s hard to get him to stop!