Briana Hansen
May 07, 2016 9:04 am

When Lily Jourdan tweeted a picture of her disappointed grandma, she was likely just looking for an outlet to have her grandma’s amazing story be heard. Little did she know, that picture and her grandma’s incredible story would strike a chord with thousands of people on the internet who would all rally behind this wonderful woman.

Here’s what went down: Lily’s grandma, Jenean Jourdan, has been painting for over 60 years. This past week, she had her very first art installation in their small town and excitedly got dressed up to show her paintings off to the rest of the world.

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But sadly, (brace yourself for some tears) nobody showed up. When she arrived home to tell her family how it went, she was (understandably) disappointed. That’s when her granddaughter snapped this heart-breaking picture and posted it.

But that’s only where the story begins. After posting that picture, it quickly started getting tons of attention from people and in no time had basically gone viral. People all over the world were upset that nobody had shown up to support this awesome artist’s vision, and had all sorts of reactions to it.

I mean, obviously people were totally distraught:

Others were reminded to persevere on their own creative journey:

While others were angry at the residents for not showing up:

And some big names were even chiming in with their own show of support:

But in general, the amount of love and support this woman has garnered is pretty amazing. Lily added fuel to the happy fire by also posting a picture of her grandmother’s explanation of her work and her inspiration for painting.

And then posted a video of her charming grandmother’s reaction to some of the positive outpouring of love and we all immediately melted to the ground.

Now, thanks to these fine people of the Internet, now there’s a ton of interest everywhere in her grandmother’s paintings.

After this incredible show of love and support, hopefully Jenean feels much better about continuing to pursue her passion and continuing to share her gorgeous paintings with the world. And we all feel better knowing this talented woman is finally getting the attention and respect she deserves.