Ryan Gosling and Beck Bennet

Ryan Gosling hosted SNL this past week, delivering a bunch of LOL-worthy sketches for us to treasure until the end of time. But there was one sketch you didn’t see, because it was cut for time. SNL geniuses Beck Bennet and Kyle Mooney wrote up a mock ’90s sitcom sketch which follows the story of Dougie, a super nerd (played by Mooney), and his friends (played by Bennet and Ryan Gosling). In the sketch, Dougie desperately wishes he would “just be cool for once.”

So, Dougie creates a “Cool” machine, as one does. Just by stepping inside and pulling a lever, the person will become super cool. Brilliant. Mooney’s character emerges from the machine wearing black parachute pants and a suit jacket — obviously the epitome of absolute cool. They throw a party, and Ryan Gosling has too much to drink. You’ll have to watch it yourself to catch the eerily hilarious ending, since we don’t want to give away the best part.

If you find the clip featuring Gosling as sidesplittingly hilarious as we do, check out some of their earlier stuff, like this clip, “Toast.” Before becoming the comic stars that Mooney and Bennet are now on SNL, the two were a part of a comedy group called “Good Neighbor.”

Hopefully more of Mooney and Bennet’s super weird throwback sitcoms will start making it onto SNL. If not, I pray they keep posting them online. Because despite being insanely bizarre, these guys are also crazy funny!

Watch the whole thing right here:

(Image via Hulu)