Scarlet Meyer
January 14, 2017 9:51 am

It doesn’t really get much better than actors Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone, and Ben Affleck. They’re all hilarious and talented pros that have gifted us with many amazing movies . They’re so cool that they could take pretty much anyone as a date to the award shows they attend. That’s why it’s even cooler that they all have this weird thing in common about their plus ones:

They’ve all taken their parents to award shows!

 As if that wasn’t already the cutest thing ever, they all had plenty of great anecdotes about bringing their moms to the shows. Leave it to The Graham Norton Show to get the details!

Ryan Gosling started off with an adorable story about his mom, who was sure her beehive hairdo was going to be a hit. Although it looked  awesome, it was so high that she blocked Rachel Weiss from seeing the show!

Ryan ended up calling on Meryl Streep to save his mother from feeling badly.

Meryl did, of course, and his mom was instantly cheered up! Unfortunately, Emma Stone rightfully points out that by telling the story on live TV, Gosling has kind of ruined his mom’s illusions. But Ryan is still the ultimate good guy to us!

 The rest of the interview was peppered with adorable parent stories. Emma Stone went on to reveal that her mom is a big small talker at the award shows! Check out the video:

We think Ben Affleck wins this mom-off because that is the most mom thing we’ve ever heard of. Even celebrities know the truth: life’s can be more fun with your mom around!