Olivia Harvey
Updated Jul 24, 2017 @ 11:45 am
Image of Ryan Gosling
Credit: Xavi Torrent/Gett Images

Whose heart doesn’t skip a beat when they get a glimpse of Ryan Gosling? Turns out that Dunkirk actor and “Sign of the Times” singer, Harry Styles, is in the Gosling-induced fluttery heart boat with the rest of us. After Styles’ “heart raced” upon seeing a photo of Gosling, Gosling responded to the news in the best way.

We’re in the same camp as the Extra reporter — Styles is only human. He can’t help it.

Styles declared his love for Gosling during a BBC Radio 1 interview (well, kinda). The singer was hooked up to a heart-monitor during a truth-telling game to see what kind of images get him going.

Host Nick Grimshaw flashed Styles a series of photos of Christopher Nolan, Styles’ iconic purple sneakers, and, of course, a shirtless Ryan Gosling in The Notebook.

Watching Styles get all flustered about Gosling is making our heart rate jump from 60 to 150. Someone get us a paper bag! We’re hyperventilating!

Now that Styles has made a successful transition from the music world to the film industry, is there a chance that he and Gosling could be in a movie together soon? Perhaps a dramatic romance or rom-com?

Our fingers are crossed, our hearts are beating, and we’re hoping Gosling and Styles have the same idea we do.