In case you haven’t heard, OK magazine is claiming that Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes are expecting a child together and everyone’s going bonkers over the rumor-y news. That’s right, Ryan G., the man we all feel like we’re personally dating, may (or may not) be a dad in a couple of months. So far the story has been unconfirmed by Ryan and Eva’s reps, but unconfirmed means it COULD be true, right?

While we wait for the Mendes/Gosling baby news to be declared official, here are some Ryan Gosling-themed baby gifts for the Gosling baby-to-be. (Yes, Ryan Gosling-themed baby products weirdly exist. Thank you, Internets.)

1.) Ryan Gosling Onesie

Because every baby should have a Ryan Gosling onesie, but a Ryan Gosling baby should ESPECIALLY rock daddy’s face on his/her threads.

2.) A Gosling Toddler “Hey Girl” Tee

But there comes a day when every child outgrows his onesie and when that day comes he must graduate to a Gosling “Hey Girl” t-shirt. Because a Gosling child must learn the fine art of “Hey Girl” as soon as possible and only then will he have to also worry about learning how to read and do math or whatever.

3.) Hey Girl Card

But once you got your gift stuffed in a bag, where oh where to write your well wishes? On your “Hey Girl” card, natch and natch.

4.) “Ryan Gosling Is My Real Dad” Onesie

The only baby who can wear this onesie and be like “No, you, guys, FOR REAL.”

5..) “The Place Beyond The Pines” Onesie

Mendes and Gosling starred in this film together, so it’s super fitting that baby own a onesie honoring her Hollywood heritage. No matter that the baby suit takes its inspiration from a tragic tale of moral conflict, or that it bares this eerie quote from the movie: “If you ride like lightning, you’re gonna crash like thunder.” Gosling’s baby can totally pull it off.

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