Stephanie Hallett
Updated October 03, 2018
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Nikki Kahn/The Washington Post via Getty Images

You know what’s sucked for the last few weeks? The Kavanaugh hearings. We’ve been exhausted by this process (and we know you have too) but the idea of this guy actually becoming a Supreme Court judge is just…bonkers. It’s bonkers, you guys. What we’re proposing in this article won’t fix the problem of He Who Shall Not Be Named, but it might provide you with a needed bit of lightness and fun. So, without further ado: If you’re looking for a self-care remedy that doubles as a badass Halloween costume, why not don a DIY Ruth Bader Ginsburg costume this All Hallow’s Eve?

It makes sense, right? Facing the possibility that a man of such extremely questionable character and poor temperament—not to mention accused of multiple sexual assaults—could become a forever member of the highest court in the land, we should all wear Ruth Bader Ginsburg costumes to remind our senators (and, perhaps, our neighbors) what a truly qualified, capable, and appropriate Supreme Court justice looks like.

Have we convinced you? Good. Now keep scrolling for instructions on how to DIY your own Ruth Bader Ginsburg costume.

Mark Wilson/Getty Images

1First, you’ll need judges’ robes


RBG, like every Supreme Court justice, wears the court’s signature black robe. Get your own on Amazon for $18.99.

2Next, you’ll need a fabulous crochet collar


Ginsburg is known for styling her black robe with a lace or crochet collar, or a signature necklace. For a classic RBG look, grab a crochet collar on Amazon for $12.95 or use those paper snowflake-making skills you picked up in elementary school and make your own from a few pieces of paper stapled together.

3Scoop up a pair of wire-frame glasses

Urban Outfitters

Ginsburg loves to change up her frames, but she always looks chic in a pair of classic wire-rim glasses. Get these ones on sale for $10 from Urban Outfitters.

4Finally, consider adding a pair of lace gloves

Spirit Halloween

She doesn’t wear them when she’s on the bench, but fashionista RBG has been known to show up and show out in lace gloves when the occasion requires it. Grab this pair from Spirit Halloween for $6.99.