Remember when Prince William married Kate Middleton and, um, accidentally forgot to invite us to the reception? (Of course you do.) No hard feelings, Wills. We’re almost over it. (Although, if you wanted to send Prince Harry stateside to apologize on your behalf, we wouldn’t complain or anything. Just a thought.)

After their televised wedding ceremony, Will and Kate opted for a private sit-down dinner reception with 300 of their family members and closest friends. The rest of us were left to wonder just what went down behind those closed doors. Did Kate throw her bouquet? Did Will smash cake in her face? Did the Queen do the chicken dance? (Please tell us she did. Pleeeeease.)

Well now, four and half years later, we’re finally getting a tiny glimpse into what we missed. No, a secret home video hasn’t surfaced. (Darn it.) One of the royal menus from the wedding reception dinner is currently up for auction with the Nate D. Sanders auction company. We’re guessing some smarty pants wedding guest pocketed their copy of the menu and saved it for just this type of opportunity. (We’re looking at you, Prince Harry. AGAIN.)

There’s even a gravy stain on it, you guys! Oh, pardon me. That’s not gravy. It’s “sauce Windsor,” according to the menu. (It bears a striking resemblance to the tangy barbecue dipping sauce for Chicken McNuggets, though. JUST SAYING.)

In addition to sauce Windsor, the royals also apparently noshed on marinated South Uist salmon, Lyme Bay crab, wild Hebredean langoustines, Highgrove spring vegetables, English asparagus (no American asparagus for the Brits!), Jersey royal potatoes and Saddle of North Highland Mey (um…come again?). The Mey thing is meat, apparently. At least, I think it is. Even Google was a little confused when I looked it up. But if you’re really dying to know, you can get the full scoop here.

Also, is it just me or does this seem like a crazy amount of food? (It can’t just be me, can it?) I mean, we all saw how form-fitting Pippa’s dress was. I can’t see her putting away so much food. Seriously. And we haven’t even gotten to the desserts yet. Apparently in addition to wedding cake, they had a trio of ice cream, sherry trifle and chocolate parfait. (Forget the mysterious Saddle of North Highland Mey. Now we’re talking.) Yum.

It’s good to know that even a diamond tiara can’t change a girl’s love for ice cream, isn’t it? Royals…they’re just like us. Mostly.

[Images via Twitter.]