If you’re a royal enthusiast, you might want to give Santa a call because we’ve just found your ultimate Christmas gift. A slice of Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s wedding cake will be going up for auction on Thursday. Yes, you heard me. It’s an actual slice of cake from their wedding reception that took place at Buckingham Palace way back in 1981.

The auction is being handled by the Nate D. Sanders auction house, which lists the cake as being in “very good condition” on it website. TBH we’re a little curious about what constitutes good condition for a piece of cake that’s 34 years old. I mean, wow. But hey, from the looks of the photos the cake is indeed still intact and even comes in the fancy box in which it was presented at the wedding, along with a note that reads, “With best wishes from their Royal Highnesses the Prince & Princess of Wales.”

In case you’re wondering what kind of cake it is, it’s a slice of British fruitcake with cream cheese frosting. But we’re thinking you might not want to actually eat it, since you know, it’s older than Prince Harry, Prince George and Princess Charlotte combined.

Fun fact: Prince Charles and Princess Diana actually had 27 different cakes at their wedding reception, according to All Things Princess Diana. But the slice up for auction is from the official wedding cake, which was prepared by the former head baker of the Royal Navy cooking school, David Avery. The cake took Avery over 14 weeks to make. He also baked an identical cake as a spare in case something terrible happened to the first one. (It never hurts to be prepared when the mother of the groom is the Queen of England and all.)

Bidding for this slice of history will start at $1,100, so lets hope you saved up for this historical treat.

[Images via Twitter and Nate D. Sanders]