Natalia Lusinski
Updated November 20, 2016 10:14 am
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Need some more cuteness in your life? Then look no further. The royal twins of Monaco are double the cuteness and we cannot handle it. On November 19th, they made their second annual appearance during National Day, reported People.

ICYMI, the event is a ~huge~ deal for Monaco. National Day (or Sovereign Prince Day) is usually a one-day event occurring on November 19th, but became a two-day one this year since the day fell on a weekend. Celebrations happen all over the port city of Monte Carlo.

The annual event started with a traditional cathedral mass, followed by a ceremonial presentation of decorations. The latter is at the Palace’s Court of Honor, aka the place where the royal family makes an appearance. If you’re curious, you can check out National Day on Facebook Live. (Note: It’s in French, but the event is quite beautiful.)

And now, let’s look at the cutest part of National Day — the royal twins of Monaco, Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella, who will turn two in December, according to Hello!

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Our hearts are melting!

Apparently, it was their first public appearance in months. And they didn’t seem to mind the thousands of people in the courtyard, amirite?! And Jacques is even clapping here! Too cute!

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Of course, they had their parents with them, Prince Albert and Princess Charlene, who also looked stunning.

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And check this out, Prince Albert kissing Jacques. It’s the sweetest.

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And here, Prince Albert’s giving Princess Gabriella a high-five. Awwww.

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If we look at last year’s National Day celebration, the twins were ~so little~ when they’re brought out to see the crowd. Rather, for the crowd to see them.

Regardless, the super cute twins also appeared to be well-behaved then.

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The United States wished Monaco a happy National Day, too.

“On behalf of President Obama and the American people, I congratulate the Monegasque citizens as you celebrate the Sovereign Prince’s Day on November 19,” said a press statement from John Kerry, Secretary of State. “Please also accept our warmest felicitations on the tenth anniversary of full diplomatic relations between the United States and Monaco.” And the memo concluded with, “The United States wishes the people of Monaco a joyous celebration on this special day.”

Awww. By the looks of it, a joyous celebration was def had.