Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s son has arrived, so what’s the first thing we do? Check the royal baby’s natal chart, of course.

Baby Sussex is a Taurus sun with a Taurus rising. We can expect this baby to take his time to assess his surroundings—in fact, he’ll take his time doing anything, really. Whatever he does will be on his own time and own terms.

Royal baby is going to feel very close to Prince Harry, who has his emotional system and responses aligned with his son’s personality. Harry feels his son quite naturally—they just have an intuitive connection that does not require words.

This little boy is going to grow to be very hard-working, big on ethics and principles, and, like his mum Meghan, he will have a great desire to shine and be known, not only for being a royal, but for what he can do and achieve in this world. Great ambition for sure, and great desire to rule, be connected to humanity, be a leader, and have an impact on society. But what is interesting here is that we have the case of someone “hiding in plain sight.” The royal baby has tremendous ambition, he wants to be seen, recognized, and praised, but he also wants to hide, do things in secret, and preserve his sense of intimacy.

Here’s why: Baby Sussex was born at a time when spirituality, astrology, and soul elevation are big trends and movements being discussed, and believe me, this baby will not be an exception to this movement. He will have a deep desire to understand himself, understand humanity, and grow his soul and understanding of himself, and no one can do that if they’re always out and about. He’ll have a need for alone time, privacy, and calmness so that he can explore all of these concepts. He will probably even gravitate toward astrology!

We do have a very spiritual soul here. This baby boy is going to care a great deal about the collective, wanting to change the world and be enmeshed in it, and I don’t exclude the possibility at all that the royal baby will be interested in the arts, like mum.

Royal baby’s moon is in Gemini—that shows someone who is in a nurturing environment and will grow to be well-adjusted emotionally. Royal baby is going to be a chatty one, well in touch with his feelings, and not afraid to communicate them. He’s going to be an intellectual, someone who loves things like reading, comedy, and social-intellectual events. But don’t forget that Baby Sussex will still need plenty of alone time and could come across aloof at times as he will embody much more than he’ll allow us to see.

Now, this baby is not going to be someone with his tongue in his pocket. With Mercury in Aries conjunct Uranus in his chart, you can expect him to be quite the firecracker, speaking too fast for his own good, and speaking his mind with brutal honesty and refreshing sincerity. We might have a genius here, but as you know, many geniuses are misunderstood, and that might be the case for Baby Sussex. At the very least, we’ll watch the royal baby and be very surprised with what he has to say.

The royal baby also has Venus in Aries. Definitely a fun fella, we have here someone who will always have a rather young energy: “me first,” “I’m the leader,” “just do it,” and “move out of my way” kind of energy. Again, it might not be very obvious at first as a lot of this energy is going to be playing in the background, hidden. If you look at Meghan and Harry’s charts, they both have rather self-contained, self-controlled, big-on-rules-and-traditions type of energy. Royal baby? Not so much. As much as he will be ambitious and have respect for traditions and rules, this little one is mostly interested in leading his own way. The only “safeguard” in this chart is that royal baby is going to be very sensitive, idealistic, and interested in elevating his energy and soul, and if he desires, he will be able to curb the most impulsive and scattered part of his personality, thanks to his desire to be kind and empathetic to the world.

The royal baby’s main difficulty will pertain to his values. It seems as though Baby Sussex will be at odds with his parents, the palace, and the world about what he wants to do, how he wants to spend his time, who he wants to date, and what the world expects of him. We do have a rebellious cookie here (not unlike dad Prince Harry) who’s going to want to do things as he pleases and will meet resistance. I could see his personal relationships being a little chaotic—secret, scandalous love affairs aren’t to be dismissed. Of course, we have a lot of time before we can verify that, but if Harry was considered rebellious, then Baby Sussex is a revolution-maker.

With Mars in Gemini opposite Jupiter, we have someone who’s going to be extremely impulsive and fast in his decisions, which could totally take Buckingham Palace by surprise. Definitely a bit of a wild card, split between wanting to respect traditions and wanting to do as he pleases. I’d say the latter will win.

Baby Sussex is going to be one of these people who can argue anything with anyone, act on an impulse and think later, and as refreshing as it’s going to be, it could also create a lot of waves. He’s definitely going to be an unusual royal. If you feel like Harry and Meghan have already changed the landscape of royalty, watch out for this little one.

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