Credit: Warner Bros.

Remember in the second episode of Gilmore Girls, Rory tells the principal of Chilton that she wants to grow up and be Christiane Amanpour because she wants “to be a part of something big.” Rory wants to “travel, see the world up close, report on what’s really going on… and write books and articles about what [she] sees,” and dreams of seeing everything. Even on episode two of the series, we all knew Rory could totally achieve that dream, because Rory can do anything she sets her mind to, because she’s Rory Gilmore.

Well, like all things in life, future hope and dreams have a funny way of working out. When the Gilmore Girls revival picks up on Netflix, Rory is not the next Christiane Amanpour. Instead, she’s taken to the classroom to inspire hundreds of young minds to grow up and achieve their own dreams.

This week’s issue of Entertainment Weekly features a lengthy story about the Gilmore Girls revival, and we are all about it. Along with the story, there are also accompanying pictures, so excuse us while we freak out over them for the rest of the day. One of the pictures (which you can check out here) shows Rory standing in front of a group of kids, clearly in a classroom. The chalkboard in the classroom has notes about Jane Eyre on it, which suggests that she’s either an English or a Literature teacher. What might be most interesting is that the students appear to be wearing uniforms. And not just any uniforms, but they appear to be grey, blue and plaid colors… like the ones we saw at Chilton once upon a time.

Credit: Warner Bros.

Hard not to wonder, could Rory be teaching at her former alma mater??

If you want the inside scoop on everything Gilmore, you can grab a copy of this week’s EW on newsstands tomorrow.