Rachel Paige
Updated Jan 12, 2017 @ 4:18 pm
rogue one
Credit: Lucasfilm

Are we still talking about Rogue One, a solid month later? We sure are. Once again, there’s a lil’ something that’s come to light that is not only a pretty cool look at the movie, but once again hints at the fact that originally Rogue One had a drastically different ending than the one we saw in theaters. Spoilers ahead, but also the movie’s been out for a month, and come on.

We’ve perviously talked about Rogue One’s original ending — actually, we’ve talked about Rogue One’s original ending A LOT. At first, all the characters made it out alive. Then, they didn’t. THEN, one ending was filmed and edited, and then that ending was scrapped and replaced with the movie’s current ending: Though Jyn and her team steal the plans for the Death Star, they’re still killed as the Death Star becomes operational and destroys the base on Scarif.

From all the “original” footage we’ve seen (hello, missing scenes from the trailers) it sure looks like the OG ending of the movie still had our heroes meeting a sad end, but how they get there is much different. In a new behind-the-scenes video for ABC News, we see a making of K-2SO featurette. One scene shows K-2SO outside of the base, where he’s shot down.

Well, we certainly didn’t see that in the movie. K-2so never makes it out of the base after Jyn and Cassian steal the plans. He powers down inside, after being shot one too many times.

In this video, we also see something else: Cassian Andor lying on the ground next to K-2SO. OMG IS HE DEAD. I mean, we know he dies in the movie, but just thinking about him dying again (and in a different way) is very sad, and it hurts our heart. Jyn is noticeably absent from this scene, so maybe she’s still around and kicking ass.

However, we’ll still probably never know. Doubtful that Disney or Lucasfilm will ever come out and reveal *exactly* what was supposed to originally happen in the movie. But, that doesn’t mean we’re ever going to stop trying to figure it out ourselves.