Bethany Biron
February 04, 2017 9:51 am

When Starbucks first announced the ability to place orders online, we were overjoyed. But with baristas struggling to keep up with the influx of orders, it might be time to turn to robotic technology.

Yes, robots.

A cafe in San Francisco figured out how to use a robotic arm to sling coffee drinks, at the rate of one to four beverages a minute, depending on the order. Henry Hu, CEO of Cafe X, and the brains behind the robotic barista, set up the shop so customers can place their orders online or at a kiosk in the store. Then they are given a four-digit code to collect their java.

Check out how cool the process is in this awesome video by TechCrunch:

The concept of robots taking over the world is frightening, but decidedly less so when coffee is involved.

Seriously brilliant.

For those of you with trepidation about ordering from a robotic arm, there are also human employees on site to help customers. However, the robot is fully autonomous and can handle cups and take orders. And this robot brews only the best for its flesh-and-blood customers, using beans from roasters like AKA Coffee, Verve, and Peet’s.

Hu was so passionate about his project that he dropped out of college to focus on Cafe X, which he started full-time in 2014. According to PC World, he sold his car and raised money from family and venture capital firms to fund the project.

The robot arm first made its appearance at an office building in Hong Kong, which Hu said now serves 1,000 drinks a week.

Time to place our orders.