And now for the most glorious thing you will lay your eyes on all day: Robert Downey Jr. as a pinup girl. A brilliant little Tumblr is responsible for casting Iron Man in a whole new gender-bending, era-twisting light—and it is a beautiful thing. The titillating portraits of bosomy, bodice-wrapped babes with the probing eyes and puckered smirk (and some times the goatee) of RDJ have infiltrated the far reaches of the Internet, bringing joy to our brains.

Why does such a thing exist? Tumblr creator, 18-year-old Alex Costello, offers little explanation, telling the Los Angeles Times only that she spotted the portraits originally as a meme and wanted to keep the tradition alive and in one place. Somebody give that lady a MacArthur Genius Grant, stat. Then when you’re done with that, turn these amazing pictures into postcards and send them to everyone you love.

There are no words. . .