Trilby Beresford
August 04, 2016 10:16 am

Generally speaking, professional models tend to be on the younger side. Their careers are launched at an early age, and every effort is made to utilize their baby-faces and figures in glossy magazine spreads and runways.

So, here’s what’s going down. There’s a model in Japan whose youthful glow is taking the internet by storm.

Well-known Japanese model Risa Hirako doesn’t look a day over 20

Except, Risa Hirako is actually 45 years old (!). It’s almost unbelievable

And she looks even younger in this photo! Okay, no wonder everyone on the internet is going crazy.

According to Hirako’s Instagram page, one of the secrets to her ageless appearance is a steady diet of almond milk, fruit, and honey

But even with a healthy diet and exercise, how does she look like this?!

We will never know. Apparently she posts tips on how to live a healthy lifestyle on her blog, but it still doesn’t quite add up. She is a freak of nature, and we mean that in the nicest possible way. Because clearly she looks amazing and 100% younger than age 45.

Be sure to check out Hirako’s Instagram for more youthful pics, as well as lots of painted nails, fashion snaps, and a lot of photos of Justin Bieber (yes, a little weird, but we’ll take it).

P.S. Risa Hirako if you’re listening, we would like some health tips from you!