Sammy Nickalls
February 06, 2015 5:50 am

iPhoto, we’re going to miss you.

At the tender age of 13, iPhoto has officially met its demise. Apple is killing the digital photo software for a newer, faster program, which will be dubbed “Photos.”

Apple had announced last year that they were working on the new software to replace iPhoto and Aperture, its professional photo editing suite, but just yesterday, the company distributed Photos to developers for a test drive.

According to the company, “Featuring an easy-to-use and streamlined design, Photos has been engineered from the ground up to help you keep your growing library organized and accessible. Powerful and intuitive editing tools help you perfect your images as well as create beautiful gifts for sharing.”

So let’s cut out the fancy lingo—what’s really the difference between Photos and the old program? Short answer: photos works more closely with iCloud Photo Library, another Apple beta photo program which helps keep your photos neat and organized.

Unfortunately, it’s not all good news. For those who were fond of Aperture’s strong photo editing tools, Photos may seem like more of a downgrade.

But according to The Verge‘s Casey Newton, change is good, at least for iPhoto users.

“iPhoto was never one of Apple’s most beloved products,” writes Newton. “Every year, it seemed slower and less connected to the phone — the place where most photos are taken. Photos for OS X does a lot of things right, but mostly it’s just fast and tightly integrated with your other devices. It feels like a big step forward, even if feels overdue.”

Good or bad, thanks for the good times, iPhoto. May you rest in peace.

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