Ashley McDonald
Updated Feb 03, 2015 @ 1:24 pm
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If you’re as obsessed with the music of the Interwebz, as we are, you’ve probably already seen Rihanna’s new video with Kanye West and Paul McCartney for the hit collab single ‘FourFiveSeconds.’ Obviously, we’re loving the super-group power of this trio. But there’s just something about Rihanna.

You can literally point a camera at her face, play one of her tracks in the background, and capture the most emotive, beautiful expressions without any pyro-technics or hyper-coordinated dance moves. She goes through a series of moving emotions, and even breaks down crying, all while Kanye and Paul are just busy music-video-ing. It’s hard not to feel along with her. She’s THAT good.

There’s something about Rihanna’s expressiveness that we can’t get enough of. Remember her bathtub performance in ‘Stay’?

In that vid, she’s so vulnerable, emotional and exposed in the most beautiful way ever. What’s so impressive about it is she barely even moves (not much wiggle room in a bathtub!). Instead, it’s written all over her face. She exudes a type of raw sadness that we can surely all relate to. Although she sings that she wants him to stay, you get the sense that she needs him to stay, that her spirit is so broken and it’s his duty to aid in the healing process.

I’m gonna cry, you guys. Moving on: The ‘FourFiveSeconds’ video wasn’t quite as intense but Rih did such a stupendous job of, again, exhibiting all her feelings via facial expressions. From the get-go, she croons that she might get a little drunk and do a little time. She sort of shrugs and rolls her eyes, like, Whatever, I’m over it.

Later around the 1:50 mark, she sings that she can’t apologize for her recklessness, and she’s basically wiping tears off her face and looking really ashamed but completely sweet and defenseless at the same time.

And she conveys this within, like, fourfiveseconds. UGH WE LOVE YOU, RIH. If you’re out there reading—please consider taking on some dramatic feature roles. We’ll be the first to purchase tickets. In the meantime, we will watch every Rihanna video that basically just rolls a camera on her face. Her ability to emote is Meryl Streep-worthy.