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If you and your friends need more cuteness throughout the day, Facebook has come to your rescue. There is a secret feature in Facebook messenger that allows you to surprise people with ridiculously adorable pics of puppies and kittens. It’s called Daily Cute. The Daily Cute website is nothing more than a compilation of cute animal photos (you can even upload your own if you’ve got any), and you can send one to your friends on Facebook messenger anytime you want.

Have a look at this example and then we’ll get into details on how to get this on your phone ASAP.

Credit: Gina Florio

WE LOVE PEDRO. Here’s how to access Pedro and his cuddly furry friends.

In any messenger window, click in the “Write a message” box like you’re about to send something. Type this, and nothing else: @dailycute.

Credit: Gina Florio

All you do next is click the send button.

Credit: Gina Florio

The last and final step is just to watch as an animal pic pops up, for you and your friend to see.

Credit: Gina Florio

Squeal and cry all you want. I nearly dropped and cracked my phone when I tried it. The real icing on the cake is that every single time you send a @dailycute to someone on Facebook messenger a different pic comes up, and neither of you ever know what it’s going to be.

Credit: Gina Florio

Can you even handle? Yeah, you’re welcome.