Crystal Ro
August 25, 2016 12:49 pm
[listheader]"I've been able to expand off my house with the box it came in."[/listheader]

Amazon is pretty much a godsend, we can all agree on that, right? And we love the fact that you can get anything from face masks to books to well, really awesomely random things, too. But did you know Amazon is sometimes great for some good ol’ fashioned entertainment?

There have been many phenomenons in the reviews sections for products on Amazon over the years, and the most recent one that caught our eye was for a TV (via Reddit user Unpredictabru).

Nickelodeon /

The product is currently listed as unavailable, but that hasn’t stopped avid shoppers from reviewing it. We’re not totally sure what’s spawned the reviewing phenomenon, but either way, the results are pretty funny.

Like how ~useful~ the box is.

“I’ve been able to expand off my house with the box it came in.”

Or how ~realistic~ the 3D really is.

“I did not want to take my kids to the pool, so I told them to stand in front of the TV and I put on a water park.”

How unique it is to actually include batteries.

“When I saw this included batteries for the remote, I bought it and threw out the TV.”

The ~problem~ with walls.

“Tried hanging this TV on my wall, a second later, my whole house came tumbling down.

Why you can’t have just one.

“Just picked 3 up.”

And finally, how the reviews are the true selling point.

“Bought this TV ’cause I love reading peoples’ reviews of it.”

And you can read all the reviews here.