If you think you feel bad for keeping those overdue library books, trust us, you ain’t got nothing on the Portland State University patron who just returned his books.

This anonymous library patron checked out Basic Principles of Speech and Preface to Critical Thinking in 1963 — 52 years ago — and just now returned them. I guess the guilt finally got to them after half a century.

The books were left in the PSU drop box, according to a University press release, with a note that reads, “’Borrowed’ these books about 1963 for my high school speech class. They have moved with me many times. It is now time for them (to) go back home. Outdated — yes — but I’ll let you decide their fate now.”

Their fate is somewhat up in the air, however. Lucky for the borrower, PSU doesn’t charge fines for late books, but they do often charge replacement fees. That’s the trouble, though. These books are so old that librarians don’t even know what the modern equivalent is, saying, “We typically want our books back, but in this case, we didn’t really know they were gone. It’s not like they are going back into circulation.”

However the books found their way back to PSU, and whatever might become of them now, it sure makes for one heck of a conversation piece. Maybe they should put them on display as a cautionary tale for any future students who might get ideas about overdue books.