Credit: Pexels

Everyone loves a good tune, but music can also be a powerful way to fight stress and anxiety. Many of us have a go-to playlist to boost our mood on a bad day — and it looks like we’ll need to make at least one addition, because researchers have found the perfect song to listen to if you need to relax.

Every note in the eight-minute song is designed to lower your heart rate and blood pressure — ultimately reducing your body’s level of the stress hormone cortisol, according to The Guardian.

Although there’s no quick fix for depression or anxiety disorder, listening to music is a powerful coping method that’s easy to incorporate into your daily routine.

Credit: Pexels

I’m in a hurry to add “Weightless” to my collection — after just one listen, I can see (or, rather, hear) exactly why it’s an important self-care tool to for anyone who struggles with anxiety or insomnia.