We cannot stop squealing at this rescue piglet that loves running almost as much as she adores her blanket. Seriously, this has to be the absolute sweetest sight for sore eyes. As The Dodo reports, Piper the Pig’s love for blankets is apparently the most intense animal-binky relationship we’ve seen since Charlie Brown’s BFF Linus and his beloved blue blanket.

So, it all started early last year when a Tennessee family that takes in rescue pigs allowed Piper to join their brood after she was abandoned in the cold. Thanks to their generosity, this peppy pig in a blanket is at her happiest when she’s all snuggled up with her cozy cover.

If you’ve shared an unbreakable bond with a blanket, then you can totally relate to the sensation of fabric so soft and warm against your skin that it literally stops you in your tracks like this:

LOL! Piper’s stop, drop, roll, and scoot technique is ridiculously cute. But after all that running, it’s no wonder that she retreats to the arms of her teddy bear for a much-needed time out and some good, old-fashioned cuddling and suckling.

Since her days as a tiny piglet in a blanket, Piper has grown up to be the queen pig of the home, meeting, greeting and nurturing the family’s newest babies, who are equally cute and cuddly.

OK, Piper and pig company. If y’all keep up all this pink, piggy cuteness, you’ll easily become our most favorite Instagram famous pigs of all time.