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Apparently, there’s something super chill about being a duck. At least that’s the case with this rescue goat that wears a duck costume to ease her anxiety. According to Bored Panda, Polly the rescue goat suffers from severe neurological impairment and is also blind and underweight. Polly’s owner Leanne Lauricella from Goats Of Anarchy told The Dodo that her stressed out animal companion would show signs of separation anxiety and stress by running around, crying and sucking on the walls at home.

Instead of signing her up for a goat yoga class, Lauricella took a simpler route by purchasing Polly a kid-sized duck costume from Marshall’s. “As soon as I put it on her, she just instantly got calm,” she said of the costume’s soothing effect.

In fact, Polly’s costume is so relaxing, it also doubles as a sleep aid:

After word of the goat and her beloved duck suit began to spread, Goats of Anarchy made a super cute clip of Polly making a store run in costume for our viewing pleasure:

So, we have a feeling that the demand for pet goats and duck costumes are about to go through the roof. If you can’t get enough of cute goats in costumes, check out Goats of Anarchy’s Instagram and Facebook pages for a collection of ridiculously adorable pics.