Kenya Foy
March 15, 2017 4:21 pm
tahoechild024 /

If we could choose an animal as a co-worker, we’d definitely consider this search-and-rescue dog that slid down a mountainside while on the job. Even though this 5-year-old Labrador Retriever named Truckee is responsible for some pretty serious tasks like mountain patrol and training to retrieve people who have been caught in avalanches and buried beneath the snow, he manages to make it look like one of those fun careers that don’t actually feel like work.

As The Daily Mail reports, Truckee’s handler Chris Child posted a video of Truckee having a ball on the slopes at the Heavenly Mountain Resort in Lake Tahoe. Because you have to make the most of those short breaks while you’re on the clock, Truckee didn’t bother hitching a ride on a sled. Instead, he flopped down on the snow, used his hind legs for a push-off and let gravity do the rest.

Since sharing the clip online, it has been viewed over a million times by people who love to see a dog frolicking in the snow (and probably a bunch of humans who want to see if they’re dogs have what it takes to work in the mountains).

It’s not all fun and games, but Truckee obviously enjoys it.

This is the face of a hard-working dog.

But all work and no play is definitely not his style.

Now that we’ve seen yet another rescue dog with the absolute coolest job, we’re thinking there should be an official human version of Take Your Dog to Work Day.