Kenya Foy
March 29, 2017 2:11 pm
Cockatiels - Coco and Charlie Hughes /

Here to steal your hearts and soothe your ears is this adorable rescue bird singing Mozart. According to Mashable, the opera-loving avian creature is a cockatiel named Coco from Australia. Judging by the video shared by YouTube account, this gorgeous feathered creature has a set of pipes so impressive, he should probably team up with the parrot that covers Sia’s “Chandelier” and take the pop-eratic bird act on the road.

Maybe they could open for Mariah Carey (who totally loves singing to birds, btw), but we’re not sure how a diva of her stature would feel about sharing the stage with a flock of feathered friends, no matter how impressive their vocals are.

Um, on second thought, these birds probably aren’t ready for Mimi’s unparalleled shade-throwing, so they should play it safe and stick to an all-bird lineup. Besides, we’d hate to see them burn a bridge by pooping on her stage, bursting into an impromptu squawk-off or partaking in some other unprofessional bird behavior.

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But you probably don’t need an A-list singer when you’re A) a cute, colorful cockatiel named Coco (sweetest bird name EVER); and B) can hold your own against any high note-hitting diva with a flawless rendition of the aria performed by the Queen of the Night in Mozart’s “The Magic Flute.”

Bravo, Coco. You’ve earned a fan is us as well as a standing ovation. We’re off to practice our own singing (because your skills just put us to shame). Meanwhile, your owners should probably work on  interviewing tour managers who specialize in working with birds.