Christina Wolfgram
Updated Aug 30, 2015 @ 3:47 pm
scared of bug

Weatherman Brad Willis was doing a live news report on the extreme heat wave that’s been plaguing San Diego when he noticed an unwanted visitor was trying to steal the spotlight. A giant (no really, like pterodactyl-sized) unidentified bug buzzed into the frame, giving unprepared Brad quite a fright. Luckily, Brad executed some ninja-like moves that put some distance between himself and the hovering, Godzilla bug.

Unfortunately for Brad, those ninja-like moves are hilarious to watch, and the whole thing was caught on camera by Fox 5 San Diego.

Now we know why ninjas usually wear ski masks – because underneath, they are making this face.

Of course, looking cool was the least of what was going through Brad’s mind as he ducked and covered himself in the face of the huge, possibly genetically-modified bug (seriously, what is that) that attacked him on live television. Who can blame him? That thing looks terrifying.

In case you’re wondering, no reporters or insects were harmed in the making of these GIFs. Brad shook off the incident like a true pro. “Are we live?” he asked the camera operator, laughing. “Was that just live?”

Oh, indeed it was, Brad. Indeed it was. Lucky us.

(Images via here, here, and here.)