Rachel Paige
Updated Apr 21, 2015 @ 12:48 pm

April showers have now brought us not just one rainbow, or even two simultaneous rainbows, but four. That’s right, a quadruple rainbow, which means 4x the luck and 4x the gold at the end of it, right?

Earlier this morning, four separate rainbows were spotted in the sky over Long Island. A few double rainbows were spotted, too, but those are more common. Quadruple rainbows are not. Quadruple rainbows are rare, and thankfully those who saw the majestic nature-gift were quick to pull out their smartphones and take a picture. There’s no filter necessary for something like this.

Amanda Curtis, who snapped the above picture, told 1010 WINS news, “I didn’t realize how rare it was, I just knew it was beautiful. My train was coming, but I just took out my phone, snapped a quick photo and ran after my train.”

Jim Cantore from The Weather Channel was quick to point out that it’s probably not a real quadruple rainbow, but rather two double rainbows, but you know what? We love it either way. It’s not like you see a group of four rainbows hanging out together on a daily basis. Let us have our bit of wonderment, Weather Channel.

So it seems the intense downpour of rain that’s hovered over the Northeast these past few days hasn’t been all that bad, especially if something magical like this comes out of it.

AND, here’s that double rainbow video, because you were totally thinking about Googling it.

Image via here.