Bianca Xunise
May 28, 2015 12:56 pm

I love emojis. I love how they can tell stories, tell jokes, turn a long winded conversation into a few symbols. However, I was totally late on the new emoji craze. In fact, I haven’t updated my phone in over a year (I still have to make the room!). So when everyone was out expressing themselves through multifaceted digital smiling faces, I was left in a world of confusion. Why is everyone so into aliens? I’m sure you’re wondering what aliens have to do with the new emojis, and I will tell you. If you don’t update your phone, you don’t see the new emojis. All you see are alien faces. Tons of alien faces. Text messages, Instagram updates, all of social media didn’t make sense to me. I spent weeks trying to figure out what inside joke everyone was in on that dealt with aliens! Then I realized if I update my phone, I can join the world in the wonderment of the emoji.